Professor Eberhard Korsching

Dr.rer.nat. [PhD]
et med. habil. -- CV
Fields of expertise:    theoretical biology
    experimental pathology
    cell & computational biology
    chemistry/ biochemistry

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    eberhard.korsching [a] uni-muenster.de
    phone +49-(0)251-83-50651
Xinwei Zhao,
zhaoxi [a] uni-muenster.de, MD candidate with PhD track,
Master of Clinical Medicine & Standardized training for residency, Zhengzhou University & Hospital, supported by Tongde Hospital of Hangzhou, project on: Ewing fusion genes and SB simulator,
phone +49-(0)251-83-50006
Caroline Salminen Frisendahl,
caroline.frisendahl [a] ki.se, Department of Women's and Children's Health, Karolinska Institute, cooperation topic: endometriosis and thalassemia,
external PhD co-supervision
Research group
University fellow
Sedigheh Gharbi,
Asst.Prof., magharbi [a] gmail.com, guest scientist several times, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran, projects on: analysis of microRNA expression networks in serum and urine of prostate and bladder cancer, biopsies of breast cancer, and of COPD like patients, publ. in PLoS One, The Prostate, J Cellular Biochemistry
Eric Lopez-Huerta,
eric.lopez [a] cinvestav.mx, DAAD Scholarship for Research Stay - Molecular communication pathways between breast cancer cells and tumor associated macrophages
phone +49-(0)251-83-50005
Theresa Bierwald,
t.bierwald [a] vincenz.de, gynecology and obstetrics, work topic: breast cancer screening parameters and breast cancer subgroups
phone +49-(0)251-83-50005
Daniela Wüller,
wuellerd [a] uni-muenster.de, Hochschule Koblenz - RheinAhrCampus Remagen, M.Sc thesis: Comparative gene expression analysis shows remarkable differences in Ewing sarcoma derived mesenchymal stem cells based on single cell data and bulk data
Julian-Hendrik Matschke, julian-matschke [a] web.de, odontology, project on: Ewing sarcoma and stemness features - focus on isoforms/ splice variants in CADO-ES1 compared to MSCs and CSCs
Mert Sentürk,
sentuerkmert [a] googlemail.com, THM Gießen, intern bachelor bioinformatics, project on: Ewing sarcoma breakpoints in CADO-ES1 - focus on alignment and de novo assembly
Simon Metternich,
s_mett02 [at] uni-muenster.de, candidate of the 2cd exam,
project on: Ewing sarcoma and stemness features - how does single cell sequencing alter the already defined situation in terms of specificity and candidate sets?
Boshen Shu,
shu [at] uni-muenster.de, MSc in medicine,
whole summer 2020 guest scientist from the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, interested in Ewing Sarcoma and its systems biology, differential splice variants, and its' CSC side population.
Ilayda Erdogan,
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science / Molecular Biology and Genetics,
Biruni University, Istanbul, Turkey, B.Sc. intern bioinformatics,
project on: Ewing sarcoma fusion genes
Seda Serttürk,
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science / Biomedical Engineering,
Biruni University, Istanbul, Turkey, B.Sc. intern bioinformatics,
project on: Ewing sarcoma fusion genes.
Got her jump to the master studies at the well known Bogazici University in Istanbul - great !
Daniel Castillo Secilla,
Department of Architecture and Computer Technology (ATC),
guest PhD student, bioinformatics, University of Granada, Spain
project on: developing a fast data integration pipeline for CNV and expression data based on R, Java, Python
Juan Galvez,
guest PhD student, bioinformatics, University of Granada, Spain
project on: drafting strategies for an integrated data analysis of expression and copy number data and data repository
Nadine Urbanek,
nadine [a] urbanek.ruhr, Westfaelische Hochschule (University of Applied Sciences, undergraduate)
B.Sc. thesis: Fusion genes and breakpoints of Ewing sarcoma - comparing tumor driving Ewing sarcoma cells with MSC and huFib as external controls.
Gesche Frohwitter,
Dr.med., surgery,
Thesis: Site specific gene expression patterns in oral cancer, publ. in Head and Face Medicine
Nikhil Mallela,
M.Sc., mallela [a] uni-muenster.de, algorithmic bioinformatics
projects on: Ewing sarcoma and stemness features imprinted in AP-1 and APCc, publ. in IJMS / Target discovery screens using pooled shRNA libraries and next-generation sequencing, publ. in PLoS One
Gesche Frohwitter,
Dr.med.dent., general dentistry,
Thesis: Cytokeratin and protein expression patterns in squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity provide evidence for two distinct pathogenetic pathways, publ. in Oncology Letters
Rebekka Unland,
Dr.rer.nat., biochemistry, molecular biology,
guest scientist: Ewing project on ChIPseq data
Maryam Hassanlou,
M.Sc., PhD student genetics, guest scientist, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran, DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Program GSSP
project on: IGFR1 centered meta study on mRNA/miR expression networks in breast/lung cancer
Kathrin Poos (now Haeffs),
Dr.rer.nat. [PhD], M.Sc., bioinformatics, bionanotechnology
Thesis: The pathogenesis of Osteosarcoma - systems biological approaches to explain cancer development and progression, publ. in PLoS Comp Biol, PLoS ONE, Oxford Database
Barbara Schymik,
Dr.med., gynecology
Thesis: Morphological and immunohistochemical analysis of progression pathways in invasive breast cancer [translation]
Florian Boecker,
Westfaelische Hochschule (University of Applied Sciences, undergraduate)
B.Sc. thesis: Dependency structures in protein expression data of invasive breast cancer, publ. in Cancer Informatics
Axel Graewingholt,
Dr.med., radiology
Thesis: Evaluation of quality parameters for the breast cancer screening region Ostwestfalen
Anna Neumann,
Dr.rer.nat. [PhD], Dipl.Biol., biology, molecular biology
Thesis: Identifying candidate genes triggering osteosarcoma invasiveness and dissecting their functional role
Bettina Wirth (now Scheffer),
Dr.med., surgery, general medicine, international projects
Thesis: Morphological and immunohistochemical characterization of colorectal carcinoma concerning the expression of microsatellite instability (MSI) repair genes
Ronaldo Schuch,
Dr.rer.nat. [PhD], Dipl.Chem., chemistry, molecular biology
Thesis: New intronic Sp1-transcription factor binding sites and their role in the regulation of the egfr oncogene, publ. in BMC Res Notes
Theresa Harbert
Intern on the jump to the university : Learning basics in cancer research, bioinformatics and R
Lennart Albin
Intern from high school: initiating a type VIII collagen expression database
Lea Karow
Intern from Westfaelische Hochschule (University of Applied Sciences, undergraduate): project on deciphering the regulation program defining osteosarcoma invasiveness
Christoph Alt
Intern from Westfaelische Hochschule (University of Applied Sciences, undergraduate): project on the microRNA program defining breast cancer de-differentiation