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lab & meeting room

Korsching Lab:

Institute of Bioinformatics,
Niels-Stensen-Strasse 12
1st floor

GOOGLE maps link  - entrance is located next to the street

Meeting room:

1st floor
room number 110.001 (close to the stairs)

Mailing address:

University of Muenster
Faculty of Medicine
Institute of Bioinformatics
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Niels-Stensen-Str. 14
48149 Muenster


Office of the institute:
Ms. Sandra Holert,
phone: +49-251-83-53004
fax: +49-251-83-53005
city and public transport

From events up to city administration - all you want to know about Muenster.

Muenster public transportation system.

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railway and local airports
The Muenster main railway station is in the city center - the booking and information system can be accessed by DB.

Airports around Muenster up to 140 km:

Airport Muenster-Osnabrueck, FMO
Use a bus to the central railroad station (inform before) and from there a city bus (11,12,13,14,22,at night:N80) to stop "Jungeblodtplatz" and walk 10 min.
Airport Dortmund, DTM
Use the airport bus to the airport train station and take a train to Muenster.
Airport Duesseldorf, DUS
Use the SKY-Train to get to the airport train station and take a train to Muenster.
Airports around Muenster up to 300 km:

The following airports are all connected to Muenster by train

Airport Paderborn, PAD
Airport Koeln/Bonn, CGN
Airport Amsterdam, AMS
Airport Frankfurt, FRA
Airport Bremen, BRE
Airport Bruessel, BRU
Airport Hamburg, HAM
Airport Hannover, HAJ