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Dental Research Study - The MHE Foundation in collaboration with LUMC 
Multiple Osteochondromas (MO) previously known as Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (MHE) or Hereditary Multiple Exostoses (HME) is relatively rare disorder associated with formation of bone outgrowths at multiple sites in the skeleton. The presence of dental problems has been communicated to us by some MO patients, but as far as we know, there are no medical data published that would confirm this observation. All Support groups and individuals who suffer from MO are invited to participate in this study by answering the questionnaire.  
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Download: 596--DENTAL RESEARCH STUDY.pdf
End of CapWeb 
Dear all, As you may already know we have canceled the collaboration with Curie for the analysis of aray data using CAPWEB. The main problem was that the data formats that we wanted for EuroBoNeT could not be imported into CAPWEB and at CURIE time was lacking to install these data formats in due time. We have decided to buy Nexus from Biodiscovery, a package that has been used in Leiden and Oslo with great satisfaction and with most of the applications that we need available. IMPORTANT: If you have data at the CAPWEB-EuroBoNeT server please let it know as soon as possible to Stephane Liva. He will save this data for you and integrate it with the open acces version of CAPWEB at the CURIE server. A few details on the Nexus software package: We have sufficient funding left to buy three licenses, one in Munster (where the Bioinformatics technical platform is located), one in Oslo and one in Leiden. You can check the software at this site: Best regards, Anne-Marie  
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Oswald vander Veken prize for Pancras Hogendoorn 
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Download: 433--FWO awards the Oswald vander Veken Prize of 25.pdf
Find a call in FP7
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Call for FP7 experts 
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