The endochondral bone protein CHM1 maintains an undifferentiated, invasive phenotype in Ewing sarcoma.
Von Heyking K, Calzada-Wack J, Neff F, (...), Burdach S, Richter GHS.
(Submission Dec 2015).
---> WP1.5

The posterior HOXD locus: Its contribution to malignancy of Ewing sarcoma.
Von Heyking K, Roth L, Ertl M., (...), Burdach S, Richter GHS.
(Submission Nov 2015).
---> WP1.5

TMA inspiration: Decode interdependencies in multi-factorial tissue microarray data.
Boecker F, Buerger H, Mallela N. V., Korsching E.
Algorithms Mol Biol. (submitted)
---> P3

Transgenic antigen-specific, HLA-A*02:01-allo-restricted cytotoxic T cells recognize tumor-associated target antigen STEAP1 with high specificity.
Schirmer D, Grünewald T, Klar R, (...), Thiel U, (...), Burdach S, Richter GHS.
---> WP1.5, 2.5

Promises and challenges of Smac mimetics as cancer therapeutics.
Fulda S.
Clin Cancer Res (in press)
---> WP1.4

Critical role of mitochondria-mediated apoptosis for JNJ-26481585-induced antitumor activity in rhabdomyosarcoma.
Heinicke U, Kupka J, Fichter I, Fulda S.
Oncogene (in press)
---> WP1.4

Targeting the EWS-ETS transcriptional program by BET bromodomain inhibition in Ewing sarcoma.
Hensel T, Giorgi C, Schmidt O., (...), Schäfer B, Burdach S, Richter GH.
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---> WP1.5, 1.7

Deep sequencing in conjunction with expression and functional analyses reveals activation of FGFR1 in Ewing sarcoma.
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---> WP1.1/1.2/1.5/2.3/P2/P3/Coord.

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---> Coord.

IL6 secreted by Ewing sarcoma tumor microenvironment confers anit-apoptotic and cell-disseminating paracrine responses in Ewing sarcoma cells.
Lissat A, Joerschke M, Shinde DA, (...), Kontny U.
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---> WP2.3

New small molecules targeting apoptosis and cell viability in osteosarcoma.
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---> WP1.1/P3

TP53 intron 1 hotspot rearrangements are specific to sporadic osteosarcoma and can cause Li-Fraumeni syndrome.
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---> Coord.

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---> Coord.

Gene expression profiling of Ewing sarcoma tumours reveals the prognostic importance of tumour-stromal interactions: a report from the Children's Oncology Group.
Volchenboum SL, Andrade J, Huang L, (...), Potratz J, Dirksen U, Triche TJ, Lawlor ER..
J Path: Clin Res Month 2015.
---> WP1.6/Coord.

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---> Coord.


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Fulda S.
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---> WP1.4

Cyclophosphamide compared with Ifosfamide in consolidation treatment of standard-risk Ewing sarcoma: Results of the randomized noninferiority Euro-EWING99-R1 trial.
Le Deley MC, Paulussen M, Lewis I, (...), Juergens H, (...), Dirksen U.
J Clin Oncol. 2014 Aug 10;32(23):2440-8.
---> Coord.
---> "Research for Rare" Paper of the month June 2014

A Rb1 promoter variant with reduced activity contributes to osteosarcoma susceptibility in irradiated mice.
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Distinct transcriptional signature and immunoprofile of CIC-DUX4 fusion-positive round cell tumors compared to EWSR1-rearranged Ewing sarcomas: further evidence toward distinct pathologic entities.
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---> WP1.5

Structuring osteosarcoma knowledge: an osteosarcoma-gene association database based on literature mining and manual annotation.
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---> WP1.1/P3

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---> Coord.

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---> Coord.

Osteosarcomas of the jaws differ from their peripheral counterparts and require a distinct treatment approach. Experiences from the DOESAK Registry.
Baumhoer D, Brunner P, Eppenberger-Castori S, Smida J, Nathrath M, Jundt G.
---> WP1.1 


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---> WP 1.3/1.5

Osteosarcomas of the jaws differ from their peripheral counterparts and require a distinct treatment approach. Experiences from the DOESAK Registry.
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---> WP 1.1

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---> Coord.

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Renal Ewing tumors.
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---> Coord.

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---> WP 1.4

Obatoclax (GX15-070) triggers necroptosis by promoting the assembly of the necrosome in autophagosomal membranes.
Basit F, Christofanon S, Fulda S.
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---> WP 1.4

The Zyxin-related protein thyroid receptor interacting protein 6 (TRIP6) is overexpressed in Ewing's sarcoma and promotes migration, invasion and cell growth.
Grunewald TG, Willier S, Janik D, Unland R, (...) Dirksen U, Richter GH, (...), Burdach S, (...).
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---> WP 1.3/1.5/2.5

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---> WP 1.1/P3

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---> WP1.5/2.5

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---> WP 1.4

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---> WP 1.4

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---> WP 1.4

Regulation of cell death in cancer - possible implications for immunotherapy.
Fulda S.
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---> WP 1.4

Genomic EWS-FLI1 fusion sequences in Ewing sarcoma resemble breakpoint characteristics of immature lymphoid malignancies.
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---> Coord./P2

Alternative cell death pathways and cell metabolism.
Fulda S.
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---> WP 1.4

Analyzing the basic principles of tissue microarray data measuring the cooperative phenomena of marker proteins in invasive breast cancer.
Buerger H, Boecker F, Packeisen J, Agelopoulos K, Poos K, Nadler W, Korsching E.
Open Access Bioinformatics 2013:5 1-21
---> WP1.2/P3


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---> WP1.1/1.5

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Basit F, Humphreys R, Fulda S.
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---> WP1.4

Human leukocyte antigen distribution in German Caucasians with advanced Ewing's sarcoma.
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---> Coord./WP1.5/WP2.4/WP2.5

Is there 'progression through grade' in ductual invasive breast cancer?
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---> P3

Shifting the balance of mitochondrial apoptosis: Therapeutic perspectives.
Fulda S.
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---> WP1.4

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van Valen F, Harrer H, Hotfilder M, Dirksen U, (...), Jürgens H.
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---> Coord./WP1.3

High STEAP1 expression is associated with improved outcome of Ewing's sarcoma patients.
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---> Coord./WP1.1/1.3/1.5

Targeted therapy in Ewing sarcoma.
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---> WP2.3

MicroRNA profiling with correlation to gene expression revealed the oncogenic MiR-17-92 cluster to be up-regulated in osteosarcoma.
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---> WP 1.1

Strong expression of CXCL12 is associated with favorable outcome in osteosarcoma.
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---> WP1.1

Cytotoxic capacity of IL-15-stimulated cytokine-induced killer cells against human acute myeloid leukemia and rhabdomyosarcoma in humanized preclinical mouse models.
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---> WP1.4/2.1/P1

1q gain and CDT2 overexpression underlie an aggressive and highly proliferative form of Ewing sarcoma.
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---> Coord.

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---> WP1.2/P3

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---> WP1.4/2.1

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---> WP1.2/1.3/1.5/2.5


CRIP1 expression is correlated with a favorable outcome and less metastases in osteosarcoma patients.
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---> WP1.1/P1

Providing trust and interoperability to federate distributed biobanks.
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---> P2

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---> Coord./P1

The nature of the characteristic cementum-like matrix deposits in the wall of simple bone cysts.
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---> WP1.1

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---> P2

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---> WP2.1/WP2.4/P1

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---> WP2.1/WP2.4/P1

Influence of whole arm loss of chromosome 16q on gene expression patterns in oestrogen receptor-positive, invasive breast cancer.
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---> P3

No improvement of survival with reduced- versus high-intensity conditioning for allogeneic stem cell transplants in Ewing tumor patients.
Thiel U, Wawer A, Wolf P, (...), Klingebiel T, (...), Dirksen U, (...), Koscielniak E, (...), Jürgens H, (...), Burdach S; Solid Tumor Working Party (STWP) and the Pediatric Disease Working Party (PDWP) of the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT); Asia Pacific Blood and Marrow Transplantation (APBMT); Pediatric Registry for Stem Cell Transplantations (PRST); MetaEICESS Study Group
Ann Oncol. 2011 Jul;22(7):1614-21. Epub 2011 Jan 18
---> Coord./WP1.5/P1

Aberrant expression of the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 oncogene is not a common feature in osteosarcoma.
Baumhoer D, Smida J, (...), Bielack S, Nathrath M.
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---> WP1.1/P1

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---> WP2.4

Genomic Alterations and Allelic Imbalances are Strong Prognostic Predictors in Osteosarcoma.
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---> WP1.1/WP1.5/P3

Approaching Ewing sarcoma.
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---> Coord./WP1.3

Impact of EWS-ETS fusion type on disease progression in Ewing's sarcoma/peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor: prospective results from the cooperative EURO-E.W.N.G. 99 trial.
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---> Coord./WP1.3/P1

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regulation and phenotypic effects of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor.
Helen J Knowles, Karl-Ludwig Schäfer, Uta Dirksen, Nicholas A Athanasou.
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---> WP1.3/P2

Efficient lysis of rhabdomyosarcoma cells by cytokine-induced
killer cells: implications for adoptive immunotherapy after
allogeneic stem cell transplantation.
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---> WP2.1


The value of local treatment in patients with primary, disseminated, multifocal Ewing sarcoma (PDMES).
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---> Coord./WP1.3/WP1.5

CD25 blockade protects T cells from activation-induced cell death (AICD) via maintenance of TOSO expression.
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---> WP1.5

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---> WP1.3/WP1.5

Total body MRI-governed involved compartment irradiation combined with high-dose chemotherapy and stem cell rescue improves long-term survival in Ewing tumor patients with multiple primary bone metastases.
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---> Coord./WP1.1/WP1.3/WP1.5

WT1 peptide-specific T cells generated from peripheral blood of healthy donors:
possible implications for adoptive immunotherapy after allogeneic stem cell
G Weber, J Karbach, S Kuci, H Kreyenberg, A Willasch, E Koscielniak, T Tonn, T Klingebiel, WS Wels, E Jaeger and P Bader.
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----> WP2.1

EZH2 is a mediator of EWS/FLI1 driven tumor growth and metastasis blocking endothelial and neuro-ectodermal differentiation.
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---> WP 1.3/WP1.5