Translationale Forschung

  • WP 2.1 "Zytokin-induzierte Killer-Zellen und WT1-spezifische T-Zellen für die adoptive Immuntherapie bei Patienten mit Weichteil- und Ewing-Sarkomen"
  • WP 2.2 "Depletion of endogenous and exogenous regulatory T cells for enhanced efficacy of a dendritic cell vaccine in combination with adoptive lymphocyte transfer"
  • WP 2.3 "Imaged-guided therapy of Ewing's sarcoma using magnetic nanoparticles coupled with anti-CD99-antibody and siRNA against EWS/FLI1"
  • WP 2.4 "Alloreactive activity of Natural Killer cells against soft tissue sarcomas in pediatric patients"
  • WP 2.5 "Cloning and characterization of Ewing tumor antigen specific T cell receptors for targeted donor lymphocyte infusion"