• WP 1.1 "Identification and characterization of innovative biomarkers for response prediction and target identification for individualized osteosarcoma therapy"
  • WP 1.2 "Functional characterization of miRNA expression in osteosarcomas and osteogenic mesenchymal stem cells - potential relevance on tumor recurrence and metastasis"
  • WP 1.3 "Characterization of the epigenetic status of side population (SP) versus non-SP cells and MSC by µChIP-seq and manipulation of it"
  • WP 1.4 "Evaluation of apoptosis targeted therapies in rhabdomyosarcoma"
  • WP 1.5 "Metastasis in Ewing Tumors"
  • WP 1.6 "Genome-wide synthetic lethal screens to identify tumour-cell specific therapeutic targets in Ewing sarcoma"
  • WP 1.7 "Functional characterization of the PAX3/FKHR interactome: Transcriptional modulation as novel treatment option for rhabdomyosarcoma"